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      Px Framework - ASP.NET components for rapid development of database applications



The PROXIMA SOFT company deals with the development of database components in the C# language under ASP.NET, MS Visual Studio development platform. Px Framework components are one of the successful projects of the PROXIMA SOFT Company. Px Framework components enable fast development of the database applications, currently under database servers such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, FireBird, InterBase server (other database platforms are being developed). Px Framework components are RAD components, which enable fast development of the application, its fast modifiability, readability of the source code and many other friendly and automated processes, which have favorable effect on the development of the application.

Px Framework with its structure and philosophy has been elaborated in a way to resemble to the database components of the Borland Delphi development environment and in some cases it goes even beyond the possibilities offered by the Borland Delphi development environment. By this, we would like the Px Framework components to succeed the group, the community of the Delphi developers and fast and easy development of the database applications under the ASP.NET platform.

Px Framework's key component is the PxWebQuery component, which can, after its definition and entry of the parameters (SQL command, ConnectionString), work directly with database, carry out database operations, such as editing, entering and erasing of the row. Linking the PxWebQuery component to the PxSuperGrid component enables display of the data in the Table(Grid) with the built-in automatic functions, such as sorting and paging of the table contents. Then the PxWebQuery component contains module of automatic validation, which checks data before saving them, and if there are any invalid data, saving process shall be stopped and the relevant component shall show the error message.

Then the Px Framework consists of the composite components, such as PxEdit, PxCombobox, PxCheckbox, PxFlyCombobox, PxGreatRepeater, etc., which insure and ease work during the editing and displaying of the data.

The Px Framework's philosophy regards the PxWebQuery component as the core of the application, which offers or contains great number of data, definitions of the tables interface, definitions of some entries display in the PxSuperGrid component, definitions of the data control in such components as PxFlyCombobox, PxGreatRepeater etc., as well as the module for data validation during their saving. The PxWebQuery component lends data from its large-scale capacities to other composite components, such as PxEdit, PxCombobox, PxCheckbox, PxFlyCombobox, PxGreatRepeater etc., which operate in the strictly limited diapason defined by the PxWebQuery component.

As far as its operating period is concerned, the Px Framework is quite young, so we would appreciate any comments and suggestions, which can help us to enhance the components, work with them and their quality.

We wish to all fans of the Px Framework a lot of achievements during the work with the Px Framework, and persistence in understanding the secrets of work and philosophy on the basis of which the Px Framework has been elaborated.
We wish you a lot of achievements,
Sincerely yours,
    Px Framework Implementation team.